About us

Why edible straw?

Edible Straws are an eco-friendly, nutritious, and delicious option, ideal for anyone seeking to reduce their environmental impact while savouring a tasty beverage. In contrast to conventional plastic straws, which can take centuries to break down and exacerbate the global plastic pollution crisis, Edible Straws are created entirely from plant-based ingredients and multigrain. As a result, they can be consumed or composted after use, resulting in no waste and a decrease in the quantity of plastic in our landfills and oceans. We’re also working to broaden our variety of flavours, allowing you to enjoy your drink while snacking on your favourite flavour. Furthermore, our straws are suitable for everyone because they are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

But don’t just take our word for it; try our Edible Straws for yourself and taste the difference. Whether you’re sipping a smoothie, milkshake, or soda, our straws will improve your drinking experience with their delicious flavour and natural ingredients.


At Edible Straw, we’re committed to offering an alternative to traditional straws that’s eco-friendly, produces zero waste, and is also nutritious and tasty. Our Edible Straw is crafted from a blend of plant-based ingredients and multi-grains, meaning that it not only helps protect the environment but also nourishes your body with natural goodness. We aim to provide a product that is both practical and enjoyable to use, making it simple for individuals to adopt more sustainable choices without compromising on flavour or ease of use.


We are dedicated to building a sustainable future and recognise that every action matters. Opting for our Edible Straw allows consumers to make a small but meaningful difference in reducing waste and safeguarding the environment. We strongly believe that our product can revolutionise the industry by establishing a fresh benchmark for eco-friendly and nutritious alternatives.


Edible Straw is dedicated to promoting sustainable snacking by offering an eco-friendly and nourishing substitute for disposable plastic straws. Our continuous innovation in product range and flavours ensures that we bring enjoyment and sustainability together. Our straws are crafted using a mix of plant-based ingredients and multigrain, which not only cuts down on waste but also provides a wholesome snacking option. We remain steadfast in our pledge to sustainability and advancement, pushing us to design products that are not only practical but also delicious.

 Sipping sustainability never tasted so good!  a guilt-free way to enjoy your favourite beverages while making a positive impact on the environment.