Edible Straw

We are proud to introduce our Edible Straw, which is not only good for the environment but also your health

Discover how Edible Straws can not only enhance your drinking experience but also help combat single-use cutlery waste and make a positive environmental impact.
Savouring beverages with eco-friendly edible straws, delighting in taste and sustainability

A straw you can eat? Yes, please!

Plastic pollution is a colossal problem, and it’s no joke that every year, 9 million tonnes of plastic find their way into our oceans, wreaking havoc on marine life, our water, and our well-being. Moreover, the historical intention behind plastic, aimed at reducing paper and bamboo usage, has come full circle as we now replace plastics with paper and bamboo.

But fear not! Our Edible Straws are the ultimate solution! Crafted from natural and multigrain ingredients, these straws can withstand the test of time in your drink and are even safe to eat after use. So, you can bid farewell to wasteful disposal and say hello to a cleaner, greener world with our zero-waste straws!

Sip, savour, and save the planet with our deliciously eco-friendly edible straws!

Chocolate Straw – Pack of 100


Vanilla Straw – Pack of 100


Introducing our revolutionary Edible Straws – the perfect eco-friendly solution for all your beverage needs! Crafted from high-quality, food-grade ingredients, our straws not only promote sustainability but also provide a delectable taste experience.

We offer an array of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any drink you choose.

Our straws boast impressive strength to support your drink, yet dissolve entirely in your mouth, leaving zero residue behind. This means you can savour your beverage without the guilt of contributing to single-use cutlery waste, and enjoy unparalleled flavour.

Our products are versatile and cater to all types of drinks, from cold beverages like smoothies and milkshakes to hot favourites such as coffee and tea. Perfect for bars, restaurants, and events, they add a delightful twist to any occasion and create a memorable talking point!

So why not switch to our Edible Straws and take an active step toward saving the planet while relishing in a unique and flavourful drinking experience? Shop now and join the revolution!

Eco-Friendly Solution

Edible Straws provide an eco-friendly solution that’s made from natural and biodegradable materials, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic and paper straws. By switching to Edible Straws, you can help reduce the waste generated by single-use straws and minimise your carbon footprint.

Novel and Unique Experience

Experience novelty like never before with Edible Straws! Enjoy a creative and unique drinking experience that adds an extra touch to any drink.

Safe for Health

Edible Straws are crafted from natural and secure ingredients, and they are entirely safe to consume. They eradicate the health hazards linked with plastic straws that may crack and pose a choking hazard.


Edible Straws are appropriate for use in restaurants, hotels, hostels, and other establishments that serve drinks. They are ideal for cocktails, smoothies, juices, and other types of beverages.


Edible Straws come in a variety of flavours, including chocolate and vanilla, enabling you to customise them to your preferences. This presents an exceptional opportunity to establish a distinctive brand experience.


Edible Straws are manufactured and shipped in an environmentally sustainable manner, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

100% plant-based